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Sama Nepal

Khudkilo programme

Khudkilo is a Nepali word which can be translated as “steps of the stairs”.

This programme is the first project we have launched, in partnership with Audrey Jacobs Foundation, to achieve our objectives.

Through Khudkilo programme our services   and activities  are provided in all the districts where we work (Banke, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Sindhupalchowk). We provide them inside and outside schools to make Inclusion a success.

Inside the School

  Support the needy children in curriculum and learning activities.

  Support the needy children in the various activities in school.

  Provide educational materials for differently abled children as well as for all students.

  Sensitization, awareness and training for teachers and school family regarding Inclusive Education.

  Awareness and advocacy activities regarding differently abled children and Inclusion inside the school.

  Modification and adaptation in learning process together with teachers (curriculum).

Outside the School

  Coordinate and refer for rehabilitation, medical and healthcare services.

Network with different related organizations (NGOs, GOs, self-help groups, hospitals, rehabilitation centers…).

  Provide assistive devices
(you can find more examples of objects we produce through our 3D printer on the Sama Nepal Facebook page).

  Home visit to understand and support the family (advice, guidance, consultancy).

  Awareness and advocacy programs for the communities.

Khudkilo Programme was awarded as innovative practice in Inclusive Education by Zero Project.
You can read our factsheet here.